Earlier in life Terri was enthusiatic about becoming an artist, using acrylic paint on canvas as her medium. However when she purchased her first SLR camera (the classic Pentax P30, 35mm, manual focus) her love affair with photography began and it wasn’t long after this that  she realised that landscape/cityscape photography was her one true passion. 

Terri undertook studies in both art photography and commercial photography, mastering both medium/large format film photography. She spent a great deal of time secreted away in a darkroom, processing film and printing her black and white prints.

She reminisces that the images and teachings of Ansel Adams were a great inspiration, encouraging her to better understand her craft.
‘I had a purpose built darkroom installed, in a garden shed in the backyard and I was often in there until the early hours of the morning, processing my b&w film and printing the images. It was a safe haven (under a safe light) and I loved the time spent in there.’

The switch to digital photography saw a change in equipment from Nikon to Canon and the door to the darkroom closed, whilst the new technology was explored, before being mastered and embraced.

‘The ability to view the image immediately, opened up a whole new world of possibility. Time to reflect upon the image, whilst still at the scene, often prompts a small change, which consequently vastly improves the shot. 

Terri has continued to hone her craft, resulting in a unique body of work, which she plans to expand, as she focusses on her fine art photography in 2019.